Let's say you have business website but want to add eCommerce capabilities.

How does Credence Web Services recommend the right solution for your particular needs?

Here are the sort of considerations we take into account:

Business Objective

What is your main business goal? To sell a certain product? How many? 25? 500? Many different products with many different options? A fully customizable piece of machinery?

Or is your main objective to sell content, downloads, or subscriptions? How about access to a web-based software service? We can set up eCommerce for any of these objectives.

Processing sales

How you process orders is vital. Do your customers call in and place their orders over the phone? What systems do you use to process their orders? Quickbooks? A clipboard? Internal spreadsheets or databases?

Existing Data

Do you have your products well documented? Are they in a database? Several databases/spreadsheets/ documents? Or is the product not yet launched?

Receiving Payment

How do you get paid for your goods or services? Do you sell retail? When is the payment is made: in full at the same time the product is handed to the customer? Or do you provide other options?

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We begin by learning all we can about how you conduct business since our goal is to make your life easier, not more complicated. Asking questions about how you integrate the sales process will make it possible for us to tailor a plan just for you.