Beaman Memorial Public Library Website Upgrade Project

Beaman Library site was a migration from a Joomla! 3 site to WordPress.  The previous website had hundreds of pages of content, including older lists of reference links throughout the site.  Extensive editing and curation of the content were needed as part of this website upgrade.  Since this site serves the needs of a town, it was critical that the live site be operational at all times.

One aspect of this site upgrade included the addition of an event management system. The library has events for children, teens, and adults running on a regular basis. Previously, it was very time-consuming for the library staff to manage the attendees, since it was all done via email and phone calls.  After the installation of the Events Manager plugin, patrons can register online, which saves the library staff huge amounts of time each week. They have also been able to increase the offering

Another feature that is unique to this site,  is that it has many links to various research databases and systems for borrowing books and all sorts of media.


And it is all much easier to edit!


Click here for the live site:


Here is a screenshot of the new site:

Here is a screenshot of the event section:


Here is a screenshot of the old site: