COVID-19 Coronavirus Update - Fully Operational - How Can We Help?

We are fully operational, safely working from home, and online.  We realize that many people's businesses are temporarily shuttered, and may need to change in drastic ways. And most businesses will need a change to their online presence. 

If you are a client and would like to have some work done on your site, please get in touch.  This may be the best time to do the update or change you have been thinking about.  

For instance - you may need a message such as this one placed on your site so that the people you normally do business know what you are doing during this very challenging time.  

And...our COVID-19 billing policy will be let's do the work now, and work out the payment as we need to.  We are all in this together. 




Avoid the Headaches

A do-it-yourself website is like do-it-yourself brain surgery.

It can give you a real headache.

Building a professional website isn’t as easy as some companies make you think. It actually takes years of experience to create a safe, secure, user-friendly site. 

The experts at Credence have developed over a hundred different business websites for a variety of clients, from high-tech companies to mail-order businesses. We’ll design, write, and build your site, even safeguarding it from hackers. We’ll set you up for eCommerce, too.
For added peace of mind, Credence Web Services will manage your site, making edits when you need them, and keeping it running smoothly at all times.
So why attempt a do-it-yourself website? Call Credence Web Services and let us do the work. You won’t need to take a single aspirin.



Why Should I Care If I Get Hacked?


When we talk to clients about the need to keep a website updated or to add security features, they often say, "But I don’t think we’ll get hacked" or “We can do without the maintenance and security services—we need to save money."

This way of thinking puts your business at great risk.




Here are some possible scenarios that can happen to your website if you get hacked:

1. Once a hacker has gained entry to your company's website, they may be able to post objectionable material on it. This could be something like an all-black screen with the hacker’s name on it. Or they may post some other objectionable image, such as the one below.

Read more: Why Should I Care If I Get Hacked?

Experience Counts

Web development isn’t child’s play. 


It requires an experienced website team that understands the complexities of building and maintaining a user-friendly, professional website.

Credence Web Service is just such a developer. We’ve built and maintained over 100 business websites, ensuring that each site is well-formatted, easily accessible, and mobile compatible. We are specialists in repair, handling virtually every technical and security issue, from unauthorized access and broken links to outdated software and missing passwords.

If you need help building, maintaining, or repairing your website, contact our team of grown-ups today at (508) 322-1750. We’ve got the expertise—and experience—you need.


JoomlaDay Florida - Session on eCommerce

At JoomlaDay Florida 2017, an OpenSource Web Developer and Marketing Conference, Anita Wos presented one of the breakout sessions. The 2nd annual JoomlaDay Florida was held in Tampa, Florida and was organized by the Tampa Bay Joomla Users Group. 

The session was on how to add eCommerce to a Joomla! website. Here is a link to the presentation

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